Wednesday, August 25, 2010

PSA of the week.

Ok, so I was given a 3rd generation Iphone.  It's pretty cool with all the stuff that it can do, I'm just not really interested in anything other than can it work as a phone, but given to me makes it fantastic.

I was transferring my numbers over and started plugging in my wife's number and sticking I.C.E. next to it.  Prior to being a chaplain, I had no clue to what this means:  In Case of Emergency.  I don't know about your hospital, but in the one I worked at there is someone who wants to get a hold of your next of kin.  You may not be dead, just out cold.  Keep in mind that if you have life threatening injuries, docs can operate, but if your femur is broken and not life threatening and you aren't able to say, "Fix It."  It might just not get fixed until you can say to fix it.  All of this can be avoided, typically, if the emergency staff know who to call.  Your spouse, parent, sister, etc....  So pick up your cell phone, since it is always with you and plug a new contact, label it I.C.E. or just put Emergency.  That way, when something heinous happens and you are in the E.D. they can get you fixed, know your allergies, know who you are, all of that great and good stuff that is important when you are laid up in a hospital.

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