Tuesday, December 27, 2011

End of the year.

So, according to this, my last post was May.  Really?  May.  Either way.  I've been channeling my energy lately into simply spinning my wheels.  Time to regain some perspective and get back on track.  I decided a few months back that I wanted to go back to work.  50+ job apps later and clearly, my job is to be a stay at home father for a bit longer.  I've had some flip-flop about my feelings on this but reflecting on what I haven't missed out on with my daughter brings things back to what my wife and I feel is right for our family.

Aside:  If I were also at work, I wouldn't have been present to see the little one eat applesauce with her feet.  I would not have had the pleasure to ride through town and have Ms. Annabel say that three different statues were me.  (A.P. Hill:  daddy hat.  Jackson:  daddy-cow.  Columbus:  daddy-hair.  Both in the same day.  I get to take 90% of the blame for the potty-training.  I also get to know that I do my best to create a sanctuary for my wife to come home to after a day at work.

Honestly, I don't know what's in store for the Ratledge family in 2012, but I'd like to enjoy the ride this time instead of fret about "the next big thing" for me.  This is probably the most pointless blog-entry ever, yet I felt the urge to resurrect the life in this.  So there you go, another cup of Joeseph.


  1. Nice to see you "around." It's a good thing in your line of work you can become accustomed to waiting on the plans He has for you and rest in His Providence.

    What a blessing that you are able to enjoy these moments and Anna has you there with her!

  2. It wasnt the most pointless blog entry. I enjoyed it. I like the honesty, self-reflection, and humility all intwined in a simple short blog. Thanks for posting.